Springdale Has Heart Safe Schools
Springdale Schools Contributes to Regional Creative Development
Springdale Stimulates Film and Production Industry
Supporting NWA's Growing Film and Production Industries
Springdale Student Media Festival Inspires Futures
Springdale Schools Sets Workforce Education Standards
Springdale Schools Supports NWA's Creative Growth
Springdale Schools Grows Student Workforce Learning Opportunities
Springdale Public Schools Among Arkansas' Best Employers
Springdale Students Can Learn From Renowned Photographer
Springdale Community Thanks District Teachers
Springdale School District Features New Bus System
Sonora Middle School Welcomes Barrett as Assistant Principal
Good Sports, MedExpress give more than $44,000 in equipment
Springdale High, Sonora Middle School students support CSC
Springdale superintendent is 2023 Superintendent of the Year
Collaborative Team Meetings. The District begins professional development for all teachers
Tinnin is Sonora Middle School's new assistant principal
Bubu Shine shares oral storytelling tradition
School Board Met on April 13, 2022